My name is Akinlabi Akinbulumo. I’m also known as Mr Phisha. Phisha is a derivative of Phish-A-Man which is a play on what I considered as an instruction of God on my life to go “Fish A Man”. I’m a Visual Storyteller, Teacher and Dream Interpreter with a lot of HEART. As a young adult, I had always struggled with the fact that God gave me the rare gift of multiple gifts. It was not
till 5 years ago that I realized that all these things pointed to one thing – my ability to see or hear patterns in such a way that it makes me think with my heart and mind at the same time. As a child, my father was an architect who had tremendous influence on my love for arts, even though I grew up studying the sciences. Today, I am a perfect blend of both worlds, able to be creative with Method, System and Process…







There is a method to my creative work. My creative process is one that starts from off the board and always ends with an evaluation. What I’m trying to highlight is that for me the creative process begins and ends way before and after execution. I believe that the victory an athlete gets on the field, or an army on the battleground, or a company in the marketplace, is really the second victory. The first victory is won in our Heads, Hearts and on paper. I always begin with determining what my objectives are. I never have just one objective written down. There must be at least 3 objectives I am seeking an intersection point for.


Geometric Lines