The royal banquet: MASKS AND CROWNS 002

This artwork is part of a series tagged masks and crowns. With this art, I try to capture the burst of life as kings gather to celebrate. They are watchful and vigilant , never fully letting their guard down. Viewers get a feel of the fun and display of colors on one level but with continuous glances can see tension underneath. For over 10 years I have been intrigued by the concept of kingship, kingdoms and the reasons for successful kings. My research has shown me how these men of authority have ruled and dealt with half masks. They often need to determine how to act to get the results they desire but all the time their underlying personalities come through.

Art by: Akinlabi ‘Mr. Phisha” Akinbulumo¬†

Size: 24 X 36 Inches 

Print: Digital Illustration on Gallery Etching Paper

Year: 2020


*Limited edition

* are compulsory